Like humans who are all different from each other,
there are no two pieces of wood that are the same.



With our wishes as "Kijishi"


Wood is the venerable being given by the nature. It has always been supporting our lives since time begin. We accept what they are without controling or changing its innate qualities and we have always been living side-by-side as partners. However, even if two third of our Japanese national land is covered by nature, we tend to think that wood is just a material which can be replaced by other chemical ones and forget how important they are nowadays.
 We, Shozu Shikko, are the artisanal company of Kijishi, a wood turner. As a part of production of Japanese traditional lacquer-work, we've been producing the wooden basis more than 70 years utill today. This is us who communicate with this precious natural resource everyday and who understand them the most. With all our wishes as Kijishi, we would like to make you be interested in wood again and enjoy to live with. Please open your heart and wake your senses up with our chaming wooden brands.



Find your Senses in Your Hand, IPPONGI

At first sight, we are sure that you are going to fall in love with this one-piece wooden wine vessel. IPPPONGI is our original brand which is born with all our knowledge and experience to express the fascinating existence of wood. This sensitive and elegant curve of stem and charming shape of bowl may enrapture your heart and wake your senses by touching and feeling them. In addition, we chose to use the clear nano-glass coating to its surface for keeping visible the originality of wood grain that is all different from each other. IPPONGI is not just a product but also our messenger who brings you the opportunity to notice and understand how important the wood is to our lives. Take a look and feel the power of natural resouce with all your sences andfinding the pleasure to live with it again.




mebuki 芽吹き

Redefinition for the Value of Knot

Do you know how much about "knot"? This dark and hard part of wood has been throwing away as defective beacause of its difficulity to whittle and its apprerance. But in the reality, Knot is quite important part for woods where new branches come out to grow and there's no problem to use as vessel. As Kijishi, we've been thinking for focusing on this little but energic part of life and we concieved to create this brand, Mebuki. Mebuki means sprout in Japanese. We put the spotlight to Knot to redefine the value and to show its potential by our idea. Each knot is completely original and this means each knot exist only one in the world. Please find out your own Mebuki and bring to your life as a good fortune.



shokyu 匠久

The Quest for Beauty and Grandeur of Wood

Shokyu is inherited brand from our first generation which exist more than 70 years. This brand has a aim to make people be interested in wooden vessel again and be aware the comfort to use them. We put so much efforts in creation of this brand to make it endearing and easy to reach. To combine the traditional technique and new idea such as nano-glass coating, Shokyu became more focus on its the beauty of wood character. Please enjoy the originality of wood which is different form each other and find own preference.






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