Find your sences in your hands.

Here in Japan, the wood has always been supporting our lives. We do not control but accept how they are and live side-by-side with this precious natural resource for a long time since the concept of Japanese was born.
This is the time again that we have to face and reconsider the relation between us. IPPONGI is our original brand which brings you oppotunities to find out again the importance of wood for us. This little wine vessel has full of our experiences and knowledge of those 70 years about the wood. With all of your senses, we would like to feel the breath of life that has arrived in your hands after decades. 


【IPPONGI】there's 2 meanings for this word in Japanese
 1) 一本樹 One arbores
 : This vessel is made of one piece of wood to express to the maximum the strong and beautiful enchantment of natural resource
2) 一本気 Directness
 : We have the ambition to share our philosophy and message with you directly and purely through this brand


point 1: Enjoy by all five senses

Be aware its sensitive thinness of bowl and beautiful curve of stem.
Our technique and knowledge make all possible to bring out the charming wood character to this wine glass which is made by one piece of wood. 
You can even feel the light from inside the bowl.
This IPPONGI is a product of a long-standing relationshop between wood and us.
Please use all of your five senses to enjoy this gift from the nature. 

point 2: 30 Possible Combination


You have 30 choices for IPPONGI with 5 different forms and 6 sorts of wood.
Every single one is quite unique and different from each other, so that you can choose as your usage or preference of your life. 
And of course, wood is the living nature resouce, so each piece has each originality.
Find your own and only one IPPONGI.

point 3: Easy Care

We use the nano-glass coarting on the surface which can avoid color staining of wine or coffee and odor spreding of food.
For its care, please do the quick rinse by hand with soft material. 



5 forms, 5 possibilities

We offer you 5 different forms of vessel for your everyday life. Each IPPONGI have beautiful curving shapes, different styles and can be enjoyed in various ways and situations.



size : φ98 / H215mm item # : WG01NG013

You can enjoy aroma and long-lasting afterglow of your drinks with its comfortable bowl. Especially aged wine, for example Carbernet Sauvignon and Merlot, might be great. Kokihi is a Japanese traditional deep red color with a nuance of violet which has been considered an important color for Japanese to express the image of grandeur. You can enjoy Kokihi's elegance and dignity by using for your favorite drinks.




size : φ95 / H150mm item # : WG01NG001

Beautiful curvy line and charming bowl form is Benitobi's remarkable character. It might be perfect with red wine that has sensitive and elegant notes, for example Pinot noir or Nebbiolo from Bregogne or Piemonte as the color of Benitobi. Also its proportions can give you multiple possibilities to enjoy your drink in several scenes of your daily life. Why not drink Coffee in the morning and Sake at  dinner with Benitobi?




size : φ83 / H150mm item # : WG02NG008

This simple but delicate appearance with perfect size for your hand is the strong point of Konruri. It is quite versatile for various drinks of your everyday life which can give you interesting opportunities to explore the ways to enjoy Konruri. Konruri is a color of lapis lazuli, bright blue, which has been much-prized as one of the important jewelries for Buddhism. We wish that with this name, Konkuri can become a precious partner in your life.



size : φ82 / H119mm item # : WG01NG019

Kamenozoki is a reflected color of water when you look into the stone jar where you can feel seasons, weather, air or emotions. This poetic color gives us lots of imaginations from this little vessel which can lead us various experiences. You can enjoy Kamenozoki with sparkling wine, cocktail, sake, liquor or everything you like. You can also try this as a little serving dish for your aperitif or dessert. 




size : φ49 / H97mm item # : WG05NG029

This is a tiny vessel but enough to enjoy IPPONGI philosophy and technique. Uraha is also a poetic color which means underside color of leaf. This little Uraha seems like a little leaf which can fly freely in the sky as its charming form or airy-fairy image. You can enjoy this with anything you want as sweet wine, sake, liquor. As you explore the color of each different leaves, you can enjoy finding the best partner for this little Uraha.


Enjoy "the wood"

To understand further and enjoy more the wood, we prepared 6 different sorts of wood for IPPONGI.
Please enjoy their various characters by using your five senses. You can realize its beauty, dynamism and graciousness by its appearance, aroma, texture, sound and taste.
*We can offer you other sorts of wood as well. Please do not hesitate to ask us.  





Keyaki has a strongest presence as wood by its clear wood grain. We reccomend this especially to you who wants to enjoy the dynamism of wood.




Hinoki is one of the most well-known woods in Japan for its relaxing aroma. It has fine and soft texture and its surface is shiny bright white.




We can say that Mizume is one of the most peaceful and well-balacned woods among these six. It has been mainly used for furniture for the reason that its quality is quite stable, elastic and easy to manufacture. 




 Sakura has beautiful pink smooth surface which reminds you famous cherry blossom viewing of spring in Japan. This wood is well known as one of representative of Japanese woods which reflects our cultural image and soul.




Its remarkable character is  a delicate smooth surface like women's skin. Tochi represents wood's dynamism and sensitivenes at the same time. 




Nara gives a stable and peacefull impression. You can enjoy its multihued surface which can show you various expressions. This wood is also famous for material of wine or whisky barrels.