Company Information

Company name

Shozu Shikko Inc. 株式会社匠頭漆工


347-2 Kurose-cho, Kaga city, Ishikawa JAPAN google map 


Shoji KUBODE 久保出章二


JPN 10.000.000



Description of Business

Production and Distribution of wooden basis

Design, Production and Distribution of wood wine glass

Design, Production and Distribution of wood products with nano-glass coating

Design, Production and Distribution of wood residue recycle products

Direct Marketing Channel

Rakuten Market BASE



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The Precautionary statement for use

Please do not do intense scratching the surface with sharps. The coating is sensitive and those scratches make wooden products easier to become deteriorated.

How to care wood products

Shikki (Japanese lacquer-work) …Please wash and dry off quickly with soft material after use. Do not storage at the place exposed to direct sunlight. If you worry about the smell of lacquer, let it dry for a while in a well-ventilated space.

Glass coating…Please wash by hand with soft material. 

What is "Migakiage"??

Wood is a living natural resource. When you do the maintenance carefully, wooden product can live for a long time. But if you care about its deterioration of surface, such as loosing color or peeling coat, please let us know. We can offer you "Migakiage", polishing up again the surface and put new coat for making it as a new product. This gives you an another opportunity to use it for a next decade.

Is something different for taste when we drink something with wood glass?

The taste does not change scientifically. It also can be said for ordinary glasses, it has no scientifically proven that the taste changes depending on the part of tongue.  So the taste of the drink does not change depending on the glass except oxidation by air either. Although the visual information of the drink itself is gone when we use wood glass, you can enjoy the beauty of wood grain instead. We offer you a new experience of way of drinking with our living natural glasses which could open your senses. 

Is wood glass sutable for wine?

To be honest, we don't particularly recommend it if you really want to focus on the taste of wine itself. We suggest this as one of the possibilities for exploring new ways of drinking. It might be interesting that you try your wine without being caught by visual information and new material for the glass.

Is it possible to purchase personally?

We offer our products to everyone. Plase visit our direct marketing site ,Rakuten, and find what you wan to buy.➡Rakuten Market

Is it possible to choose original combination for IPPONGI?

Yes, of couse. Please contact us directly by e-mail with further details about the form and the wood which you want. Please note that the stock is fuctuating every day. We kindly ask for your understanding

Is it possible to buy products as proffesional?

Please contact us directly by e-mail. It'd be better to write down more details about products, quantity, your business category etc. We'll come back to you later.

Is it possible to order OEM?

Yes, it is. The quotation quite depends on all details of your order such as shape, quantity, delivery date etc. Please contanct and ask us first further details. Thank you.